Severe Weather Procedure

The following should be considered by the Competition Host and Lead and Competitors during adverse weather situations.

Safety of Competitors Judges and Staff

The safety of staff and students is paramount. Appropriate decisions will be made based on the information received from monitoring weather, travel and roads.  Consideration will also be given to the geographical areas of staff, students and judges, to ensure that their journey to and homeward journey from the Competition Venue is safe.

Procedures for Leads, Hosts and Competitors

1. Leads to complete and retain a list of Competitors and supporting staff contact details along with contact numbers for all Hosts.

2. During a period of adverse/unsettled weather the Hosts should liaise with the Lead during the days before and on the day prior to the Competition, and ascertain latest time of notification of cancellation of the competition with due consideration to the known distances and geographical areas Competitors and Judges. 

3. Severe weather procedures across training providers in Wales vary. Competitors, supporting staff and judges with concerns for travelling to and from the competition venue, as a result of severe weather conditions, should maintain in frequent contact with the Competition Lead.

Competition Leads and Hosts should utilise this information to make appropriate decisions. 

4. All Organisations should follow their own internal procedures on closures of the venue, but consideration to be given to all geographical areas. Enquiries should be made of the Met Office ( to confirm weather conditions for the next 24 or 48 hours.

Both the local area forecast from the BBC and the weather warnings from the Met Office should be monitored using the 24 hour detailed forecast and the 5 day forecasts.

The Met Office uses a system of: “Clear”, “Be aware”, “Be Prepared” and “Take Action”. All Training Providers and Organisers should use the Met Office as a standardised reference for weather conditions.

Competition Leads and Hosts should also monitor Local Authority guidance for school closures. 

5. Process in event of Adverse Weather:

Where possible a decision to cancel should be made the night before the competition. If a decision is not made the night before the competition, the Lead and Hosts to make final decision at the earliest possible time on the morning of the competition.  The aim is to communicate postponement of the competition to competitors, staff and judges by no later than 6.30am on the morning of the competition.

The following procedures are in place upon postponement of the competition:

a. Pre Afternoon/Evening Review - The Lead and Host will monitor Met Office and local weather updates, including Local Authority guidance for school closures. Following the afternoon/evening news the Lead and Host will make appropriate decision via telephone conference.   

Competition Lead should maintain in frequent contact with the ISEiW Team.

Contact numbers: 01554 748032 / 01554 748021 / 01554 748214

Out of office hours contacts: 

Paul Evans: 07974 704361         Emma Banfield: 07557 863878

b. ISEiW will arrange for pre-determined messages to go on Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Advisory posts should be placed on the Hosts College website and social media sites, once a decision/early indication is taken, directing people to check again for confirmation in the morning.  The aim is to have messages in place no later than 6.30am on the morning of the competition. 

c. Emails should be circulated to all competitors and supporting staff with notifications on early indications and final decisions once made. 

d. Consideration should be given to sending Group Texts to all Competitors and Lecturers if possible. Judges should be telephoned as soon as possible. 

6. Whilst it is accepted that no system of Competition postponement can be perfect, Leads, Hosts, Training Providers and Organisations are requested to try and ensure that competitions are postponed in sufficient time for visiting teams and officials to be saved the time and expense of wasted journeys. 

7. The priority is to Stay Safe.  During adverse weather it is everyone’s responsibility to remain safe when travelling to and from competition venues.  Competitors and Training Providers should check local weather conditions in their area, check weather conditions for the route to the competition venue.  Wear sensible footwear with good grip and wear plenty of layers. Wear a warm waterproof coat, hat, scarf and gloves and if possible bring a change of clothes. 

8. If a Competition has been cancelled, discussions regarding the reorganisation of the competition needs to be held with all partners, ISEiW, Leads, Hosts, Judges and supporting staff to ensure any new arrangements are satisfactory to all.