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Entry Criteria for Inclusive Skills Competitions

Entry Criteria for Inclusive Skills Competitions


Criteria for entry:

1.    Entrants must be in education and/or employment with training, or have completed relevant programme with the last 12 months.

2.    At the time of entry the entrant must be challenged at the level of the competition.  The education provider may be asked to provide accreditation and/or RARPA based evidence of the entrant’s level.

3.    The entrant must be able to provide proof of learning difficulty or disability on request.  Learning disabilities as listed on the ILR:

a.    Visual impairment

b.    Hearing impairment

c.    Disability affecting mobility

d.    Profound complex disabilities

e.    Social & emotional difficutlies

f.     Mental health difficulty

g.    Moderate learning difficutly

h.    Severe learning difficulty

i.     Dyslexia

j.     Dyscalculia

k.    Autism spectrum disorder

l.     Asperger's syndrome

m.  Temporary disability after illness (for example post-viral) or accident

n.    Speech, Language and Communication Needs

o.    Other physical disability

p.    Other specific learning difficulty (e.g. Dyspraxia)

q.    Other medical condition (for example epilepsy, asthma, diabetes)

r.     Other learning difficulty

s.    Other disability


4.    A previous gold medal winner cannot compete again in the same category at the same level.