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A growing area in the commercial market is in personal transport. A vehicle capable of moving a single person around an urban environment to aid with commuting, shopping or just for leisure. The humble Bicycle has seen a transformation into the E-Bike, skateboards have been given motors and huge varieties of solutions are now available. Even a record-breaking Jet powered Hover board capable of flying 10,000 feet above the ground now exists and who could forget the two wheeled hover boards that don’t hover?

There are versions of personal transport systems available with seats for the user to sit on and versions where the user remains standing, for this brief either option or in fact, any other option is for the team to choose.

The competition will require each team of 3 people to design and build their own solution to the attached Brief.

Capacity of 10 Teams per heat. Maximum of 3 Teams per organisation. The minimum and maximum number of competitors per team is 3

On this page you will find a copy of the competition brief. You should refer to this document for further information relating to the content of the competition and a guide to the marking scheme, entry criteria and competition rules. Joining instructions can also be found here, along with the locations of the competitions.

Should you require further information please contact the competition organiser, details for whom will be within the competition brief.

Registrations close on Friday 25 October 2019.

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