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Health and Social Care

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This is a one-day competition. All contestants will need to attend a short Health and Safety (housekeeping) briefing at registration on the date of the competition. Competitors, in pairs, will be involved in activity 1 (role play), competitor pairs will be determined on the day. Students from the same provider will not be able to compete as a pair.

Competitors will be expected to deal with issues as they arise, using the knowledge and understanding they have of how to assist and support individuals with the defined condition(s).

During activity 2 competitors will individually be required to carry out and record data from individual routine observations. They will be required to explain and provide supporting rationale for their performance. Competitors will be asked to reflect on the performance of their pair and their own contribution. They should comment on their strengths and weaknesses during the role play and how the pair could perform better in the future. The multiple-choice questionnaire and the reflection activity following the role play will be taken individually by each competitor. The multiple-choice questionnaire will contain some general questions relating to theory and policy relevant to the sector.

Providers can register, using the online registration system, for a maximum of three places. Places allocated will be confirmed after the registration deadline.

Capacity for the competition as a whole: 20 max per heat
Maximum number of entries by location/organisation: Up to 2 per location and up to a maximum of 3 per organisation

On this page you will find a copy of the competition brief. You should refer to this document for further information relating to the content of the competition and a guide to the marking scheme, entry criteria and competition rules. Joining instructions can also be found here, along with the locations of the competitions.

Should you require further information please contact the competition organiser, details for whom will be within the competition brief.

Registrations close on Friday 25 October 2019.

This competition is not currently open to registration.